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Fortitude Preview

Sky Atlantic provide us with some of the best new television on offer from our close friends over in the States with series like The Leftovers, Game of Thrones and True Detective. While having close ties to HBO gives Sky plenty of quality to choose from, the channel has slowly started to produce it’s own original programming with series like The Tunnel. While The Tunnel may have received mixed reviews, we’ve got some seriously high hopes for it’s eerie new drama, Fortitude, which starts this week.

Going with the HBO trend, Sky Atlantic have released very little detail about Fortitude but what they have released has definitely peaked our interest. Fortitude will follow DCI Morton, played by Stanley Tucci (in his first ever British television role), and the head of the local police (Richard Dormer) as they try to solve the mystery of a murder in the peaceful close-knit community of Fortitude. The Killing star Sofie Gråbøl plays the Governor of Fortitude while Christopher ‘Dr Who’ Eccelston also joins the cast as a British scientist who heads up the Arctic Biology department at the Fortitude Arctic Research Centre. Michael Gambon will also appear as Henry Tyson, a wildlife photographer who only has weeks left to live.

The show has been penned by Simon Donald, writer of Low Winter Sun – a miniseries on Channel 4 that followed Mark Strong as a detective who murders a fellow police officer and believes he’s committed the perfect crime. The series was well received and suggests Donald knows his way around a crime thriller.

Parts of Fortitude were filmed in the UK but the primary shooting took place in the big and small-screen’s favourite nation, Iceland. So it’s bound to look frosty, vast and beautiful. A cold and quiet setting always lends itself to a chilling murder mystery and we have high hopes Fortitude won’t let us down. Richard Dormer has confirmed as much stating, “I think everybody has a secret in Fortitude… and some darker than others.”

Fortitude will consist of 12 episodes and starts this Thursday 29th January on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. Check out trailer and let us know what you think:




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