Beer lovers of London, today is officially #FreeProperBeer day! Yes, proper beer, completely free of charge. It’s being put on by a mystery brewery, who rather than tell everyone how brilliant their beer is, want punters around London to decide for themselves with a blind tasting across hundreds of pubs in the capital. And it’s taking place TODAY, which means this is your last chance to get involved!

This Is Your Last Chance to Grab a Pint of Free Proper Beer!

We shall be waiting for the doors to open along with other folks in London, who can get their hands on a free pint of beer. The brewery in question will be taking their brand off pumps, letting the beer speak for itself. The event is taking place TODAY ONLY (Thursday 26th April 2018) and soon after you’ve had your free pint, the Free Proper Beer brewery will reveal itself and the mystery beer via SMS or email.

To get your pint of Free Proper Beer, all you need to do to is head over to, confirm you’re over 18 and sign up with a mobile number or email address to receive a unique code, which can then be used at one of 200+ pubs. It’s that easy. It only takes a minute but you’ll need to be quick as tomorrow there’ll be no more free proper beer!


The brewery in question have already admitted that ‘if this goes viral, we’re broke!’ It’s bold, but it’s a great way of judging just how good a beer is. And if you don’t like it, it was free anyway!

It’s one pint per person (per unique code) and you must of course be over 18 to redeem it. Each person can claim their pint with the unique code sent their phone or e-mail, and there’s over 200 pubs across the capital participating – a full list of participating pubs is available on the

So what are you waiting for!? This is your last chance for a free pint of proper beer. Tell your friends to as well, and get up the pub!


Whilst the views of this post are our own and we will be sampling free beer with everyone else, the post has been sponsored. And of course, please drink responsibly.



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