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Furious 7 Trailer - Superbowl

The first TV trailer for Furious 7 aired during the Super Bowl last night and it’s fair to say the Fast and Furious franchise is throttling itself into cinematic realms we’ve never seen before. The new trailer is utterly ridiculous and it’s a certified fact that we’re going to enjoy every minute of this revved-up circus which will roll into town one final time.

You’ll need to watch it a few times just to make sure you’ve not missed anything. But in-case you’re at work and can’t have the volume up, we’ll break it down for you: There’s girls super-punching in dresses, The Rock has a machine gun and cars parachuting out of airplanes. Oh, and did we mention a car crashing through a Dubai high-rise building into another high-rise?

The plot, quite frankly, is irrelevant. Jason Statham looks annoyed with Vin Diesel and his crew, carnage ensues. Wonderful wonderful carnage. Not to mention all the supercars you could dream of.

Diesel, Rocky and Statham are joined by ‘Fast’ regulars Ludacris, Michelle Rodriquez and others as well as Paul Walker in his final film role.

Furious 7 will be released in the UK on the 3rd April this year. Check out the Furious 7 Trailer, possibly the most action packed trailer of the year so far.




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