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Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

There’s not many board games that get as bloody and violent as a rousing game of Risk. So it should be no shock at all that HASBRO have teamed up with HBO to create a Game of Thrones version of Risk!

The most obvious adaptation from the original game of Risk is the world map, which throws out boring standard lands in favour the continents of Westeros and Essos, which each have their own boards! There’s three different modes you can play and which of those boards you choose will determine which modes you can play.

The five-person Risk game mode is called ‘War of Five Kings’ and takes place on the Westeros board. It requires players to take on the roles of houses Tyrell, Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, and Martell, where they’ll obviously battle it at to be the one true king – even though we all know it’s Stannis…

Meanwhile the two-person mode is fought on the Essos board, in which the two players fight as house Targaryen and house Ghiscari for dominance of Slavers Bay. But you can also put the two boards together and the game becomes a seven-player all-out war fought across two continents between the seven great houses from A Song of Ice and Fire.

In Risk you get given an objective card that’s secret from the other players. So the choice of Game of Thrones as a Risk theme couldn’t a more natural fit. War, betrayal and violence – what more could you need? The Game of Thrones version of Risk will go on sale soon for around £35.99.




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