Season 6 of Game of Thrones is back this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have forgotten some of the finer details and plot points from Season 5. It has been a year, after all, and all anyone can focus on is *that* death.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap

So we thought we’d give you a quick run-down before Season 6 hits our screens, and remind you of who now runs King’s Landing, how many Starks are actually still alive and whether Jonny Snow has breathed his last breath. (He hasn’t. Probably. Maybe.) Be warned, this will naturally be spoilerific!

King’s Landing

So, Westeros and King’s Landing has a new king in the form of Cersei’s (and Jamie’s) youngest son, Tommen. Tommen is very much a sweet little ‘yes’ man unlike his older (now sadly deceased) brother, Joffrey. But just like his sadist sibling, Tommen marries Lady Margaery Tyrell.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Margaery
Cersei can feel the power she has over Tommen fading as Margaery works her magic and womanly assets, so she calls in support from the Faith Militant, an arm of the military who arrest citizens who have committed sinful acts. The Faith get a bit overexcited, however, and go on a rampage shutting down Petyr Baelish’s brothels, arresting Margaery’s brother, Loras, for homosexuality, and then arresting Margaery for lying about it.

But they’re not done there. Cersei’s plan backfires as she is then arrested for her own incestuous relationships. Cersei admits to adultery with her cousin, Lancel, but denies sleeping with her brother, Jaime. She’s freed until the trial but only if she walks through the streets of King’s Landing naked. It’s not pretty…

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Cersei Lannister

Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen

Over in Essos, Tyrion Lannister is kidnapped by Jorah Mormont, former hand to Daenerys Targaryen, who wants to regain the dragon lady’s faith by delivering Tyrion.

Daenerys, however, is having to deal with her own resident militant group called the Sons of the Harpy, who tear through Meereen, killing many of her Unsullied warriors in the process. To stop things from escalating, she reopens the fighting pits so residents can get their death-fix in other ways.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Tyrion
Jorah and Tyrion finally make it to the Mother of Dragon, who enlists Tyrion’s help while Jorah is banished. Again. But no stranger to knockbacks, Jorah hits the fighting pits to prove his worth. During his first bout in front of the masses, the Sons of the Harpy appear from the crowd and start slaughtering. Daenerys, Tyrion and Jorah are surrounded until Daenerys’ missing dragon appears to set everyone alight and help the Queen of Meereen escape on his spikey back.

Problem is, she ends up landing right in the middle of some Dothraki warriors, who naturally capture her. Jorah and Daario (Daenerys’ lover) go looking for her, while Tyrion stays to keep rule Meereen in her absence.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Daenerys

The Starks

Arya Stark makes her way to Braavos at the start of Season 5, where she trains with Jaqen H’ghar and the Faceless Men, a group of assassins who can change their faces at will. As part of her training, Arya is told to kill ‘the Thin Man’. However, during a stake-out, she finds out that Meryn Trant is town, a man who killed her fencing instructor all the way back in Season 1. Arya takes revenge and murders him. But the Faceless Men are not impressed and she is struck blind as punishment.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Arya
You think Arya Stark’s got it bad? Well her sister Sansa has a wedding arranged by Petyr Baelish to newly-legitimised madman Ramsay Bolton. Immediately following the wedding, Ramsay rapes Sansa, ordering Reek (formerly Theon Greyjoy) to watch the whole thing. Reek eventually helps his childhood friend escape from Winterfell, leaping from the castle ramparts.

While he wasn’t in Season 5, we think you should maybe keep an eye out for little Bran Stark in Season 6. He made it to the Heart Tree at the end of Season 4 and there was something about a three-eyed raven…

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Sansa

Jon Snow

Meanwhile at The Wall, Jon Snow and Stannis Baratheon try to convince Mance Rayder, leader of the Wildlings, to unite with them against the incoming White Walkers. Rayder refuses the offers, so Stannis burns him alive – a reoccurring theme for Stannis is Season 5… During the burning, Jon Snow mercy kills him.

Jon Snow is elected as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and makes the decision to allow the Wildlings to live south of the Wall if they help him in the fight against the White Walkers. During the discussions, an incredible battle breaks out with the Walkers. While Jon and some Wildlings escape by boat, they witness the Night’s King revive those who died in the fight and turn them into wights.

Upon Jon’s returns to The Wall with the remaining Wildlings, many of his Night’s Watch comrades aren’t too pleased and think he’s committed treason by allowing them in. Led by Alliser Thorne, members of the Night’s Watch lure Jon Snow and stab him repeatedly, leaving him for dead… or so we think.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap Jon Snow

The Rest

Jaime Lannister spends much of Season 5 in Dorne, where he goes to rescue his daughter Myrcella he believes is in danger from the Martells. They believe the Lannisters are to blame for Oberyn’s death back in Season 4. Doran Martell lets Jamie and Myrcella go on the condition that his son, Trystane, replaces Oberyn on King’s Landing’s Small Council. During the voyage back, Myrcella dies as she was poisoned by late Oberyn’s lover, Ellaria Sand.

Meanwhile, Stannis Baratheon continues his quest to be the one true King at any cost. To such an extent that when he’s told by Melisandre to sacrifice his own daughter to appease the gods, he does it. As a result, his wife commits suicide and half of his army deserts him, while the other half perish to the Bolton’s during a battle for Winterfell. Stannis survives the battle only to bump into Brienne who appears to kill him, finally taking revenge for her King Renly’s death.

Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres in the US on HBO this Sunday 24th April at 9pm ET and simultaneously at 2am on Monday 25th April on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. Check out the trailer below.

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