Winter is very much on the way and it won’t be long before we are heading to and returning from work under the skies of darkness. When you wake up without sunlight, it really is the very hardest time to make yourself get out of bed and start the day – well maybe behind a stinking hangover.

Get Up and Go: Tips for Waking up in Winter

So to celebrate the new range of ‘Get Up‘ clothing with it’s Retro style we have given you are top 5 tips to get you moving in the morning!

6 – Alarm

First off, start in the right spot and get that alarm tone that suits your body. Like the outdoors? Play something natural. Need a big bang to wake you up? Start the day with something loud. Lot’s of people listen to music as their alarm, but if you do make sure you choose the right track. Too slow to start and it might sooth you back to sleep! Our recommendation, possibly a bit of Blur and Song 2!

5 – Drink

Whilst some people will instantly think coffee, we could never drink the stuff that early in the morning (well, some of us!). Have a glass of water next to your bed and aim to get up to half a pint into you as soon as you wake up. You will near instantly sit-up and start wakening your body from the inside out. It will also set you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead and getting some of that hydration in early

4 – Music

For us, music makes the world go round. So as soon as we wake up the Bluetooth speaker is the first thing that goes on. Choose your favourite radio station via your phone (perhaps something wouldn’t listen to at work like Kisstory or Absolute 90’s) and don’t be afraid to dance like nobodies watching.

3 – Shower

Whilst we all know you usually pick your phone up at this point, don’t! If you waste time on your mobile checking social, messages and news why not wait and grab an extra 5 winks? As soon as that drink is drunk, head straight to the shower. The ultimate way to wake you up and prepare you for the full day ahead. If you can, try and have that shower on a little colder than normal to stimulate that body!


2 – Dress

You are leaving the house. You might meet the girl of your dreams, you might get hit by a bus and need to go to hospital. Do you want to be looking anything but on point? Work is something we unfortunately do more of than anything else. And when we look good, we feel good! So take that extra time to get ready and wear something super sharp.

Get Up has an essence of retro and cool about them, for instance we just love this Yellow Print Shirt.

1 – Grooming

No getting back to bed! Continue that Get-Up feeling by sorting yourself out. Yes, we aren’t women and we don’t need 45 minutes at home before another 30 on the tube turning ourselves from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey. But we can still have a good groom in the morning. If you wet-shave, do that now. If you have stubble or a beard, get that tied up and trimmer to perfection. Next up comes the moisturiser to keep that skin looking young before deodorant and finally that little bit of after shave.

What ever you do, think about bed etiquette – no getting back in the covers after your shower! And hey, if you have a guest, set that alarm a bit earlier and use your time wisely!

Ultimately you need to try and train your body and get into a routine. Whilst everyone’s will be different and we all love a little laze, it will do wonders for your body and your morning work.



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