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Ghostbusters 3 Cast to be all Female

We finally have our new Ghostbusters! After what feels like decades of rumours and speculation, it has been confirmed that Melissa McCarthey and Kristen Wiig will lead an all-female busting crew in Paul Feig’s reboot of the 80’s classics.

Feig dropped the news via his personal Twitter account with a picture of his four leading ladies which also includes Saturday Night Live regulars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Having worked with Wiig and McCarthey while directing the belly-aching Bridesmaids and The Heat, Feig is no stranger to his squad which bodes well for those of us who are shaking in the corner at the thought of anyone tainting the originals and ultimately our childhood.

There’s also been a plot outline that’s been doing the blogosphere rounds although nothing is confirmed. We’re not ones to speculate but we’re also not the type of Joes to hold out on our friends. With that in mind, it’s thought that the Ghostbusters reboot will “revolve around one-time colleagues Erin Gabler and Abby Bergman, who are estranged after penning a book together. The former is mow a college professor, while the latter has continued investigating the paranormal.”

Feig has already said he wants the new Ghostbusters to be darker than it’s predecessors saying, “I want ours to be scarier than the original, to be quite honest,” promising us a “scary comedy”. We ain’t afraid of no ghost and can definitely get on board with that.

An all female cast will certainly get people talking but we can’t see any reason at all this won’t be a hit with both sexes. We’ll happily go on record to say we loved Bridesmaids. Shooting for Ghostbusters starts in the summer with a release date of the 22nd July 2016. Busting makes us feel good and we cannot wait.




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