Godzilla vs Kong – Rubbish but fun? (No Spoilers)

Does a movie have to be any good to be fun? For a long time I’ve said that a ‘rubbish’ film can be just what you want to watch. Godzilla vs Kong fits into that bracket perfectly.

It’s been a very long time since we were able to go to the cinema so watching a new blockbuster movie at home still feels weird. Despite feeling odd, last night I rented Godzilla vs Kong and settled down for a proper home cinema experience.

At first the film feels as if it was made several years ago as the VFX doesn’t quite look ‘2021’ but after a while you realise it’s more of a stylistic choice. The film is meant to fun, not realistic. It’s also short and very fast paced. At just 1hr 53min, it’s refreshingly brief in a time of 4hr director cuts and 3hr franchise finales.

Character development is equally brief. A few news cuttings and extra shots spliced in are all you get to explain the origins of most of the new characters. As a result you either forget or don’t care much about the human characters in this film. Normally this would frustrate me so much but in Godzilla vs Kong, all you want to see is big monsters fighting and cities being destroyed. As a result this film feels the closest to the source material of all the recent films.

After watching it in full, you’re left wondering what the actual story was but you don’t care. You’ve enjoyed a bombastic battle between big monsters and you can leave you brain at door. In the UK it costs £15.99 to rent which seems expensive and it is. Before lockdown a ticket to the cinema was just £5 so maybe wait until it is on offer later in the year. But if you can’t wait, it’ll still be a fun ride.