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Going Out: Bar Etiquette

In part one of our three part guide to being impossibly smooth we covered the art of style, but there is no point in looking your best to just spend your evening sitting around the house. This week we look into the ‘going out’ aspect of a smooth lifestyle with drinking etiquette.

Although perhaps a strange topic, etiquette isn’t just about the golf course, and when it comes to going out to a bar there are a few Do’s and Do’nts you really should follow. We break it down for you in a handy guide including where to sit, how to act, topics of conversation and of course your drink of choice.


Picking your spot of choice is key, some prefer to sit whilst others stand and either is fine as long as you choose the right spot. That spot will depend on the venue in question but some rules should never change. Think of the view, you want to position yourself with your back to the wall with the best possible vantage point, like a lion looking over the plains of Africa, a slightly raised area or platform is perfect. Don’t position yourself too close to toilets or an entrance / exit. Yes you see a wide range of people coming and going which enables you to gauge what’s going on, but that cold breeze from a winters night and constantly being in peoples way could easily ruin your evening.



Although you will be ultimately talking amongst yourselves, your conversation topics are still key to everyone around you. If you are deep in a conversation about politics or death, your group is going to look about as friendly and approachable as a group of vultures. However, flip that to a light hearted and interesting conversation that has you all smiling and laughing, and people won’t be able to stop themselves from wondering, or even trying to get involved . If it’s just guys round the table, sport is the obvious choice, but mix it up with something that everyone loves. Everyone has an opinion on the Wolf of Wall Street, and the latest films are always a winner.



Of course when it comes to going out and heading to a bar, there is one aspect which is perhaps more important than most, and that is your tipple of choice. Your drink needs to be sophisticated enough to show those around you the kind of person you are, but masculine enough to prove you haven’t just popped out in-between the Voice and Dancing on Ice. It’s not just shoes than can tell you a lot about a man.

A well rounded and premium lager is of course the way, a brand that is well known but perhaps a little bit different than your normal everyday beer. Cobra with its smooth taste and exotic charm is the perfect choice, choosing draught for that quiet night when sitting down with friends or in a bottle if things are a little livelier.


The Boss, the face of Cobra’s Live Smooth Campaign, proving that drinking a draft in the right place with the right attire is just one step to becoming impossibly smooth.

If you missed week one, check out our style guide to your perfect night and don’t forget about our grooming guide as we add the finishing touches and look at grooming your way to the perfect look.

We would also like to thank the Lamb Inn for the venue.



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