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Görzenál: Largest Skate Park in Europe

We all know we should watch less TV and do more exercise. But sometimes it takes someone to give you an extra push.

One such individual is Balász Jassek, a pro-skater in his mid-30s from Hungary whose aim is to inspire generations of kids and local Hungarians to put down their video games and TV remotes and get active. More specifically – get active on a skateboard. Arguably more optimistically, Jassek is also coinciding this with a mission to bring back a sense of community to the streets of Budapest.

To raise awareness of the issue, Balász teamed up with Vodafone Firsts to produce a short documentary, Take Back The City, about the skating culture of Budapest with an goal to ultimately refurbish the almost derelict Görzenál skatepark in the city.

The biggest obstacle has been that skating is illegal in public places in Budapest and a severe lack of investment has meant no skate parks have survived in any great condition in the city. Even more frustrating for the skaters of the city, is that Budapest houses the largest outdoor skatepark in Europe in Görzenál.

Görzenál is located on the banks of the River Danube and is just over 14km² in size. That’s big. Especially for a city centre located attraction.

Vodafone Firsts campaign is all geared to connect “people with technology to empower them to do amazing things for the first time.” Using the equipment provided by the network company, including a camera drone(!), and 150 local skaters, Balász has produced a short documentary that is very special. The footage is shot excellently and is polished to show Budapest in all it’s grandeur.

We genuinely think the film is inspiring and he obviously inspired the city itself as Görzenál was refurbished and reopened to cheering crowds only last week. The park received new ramps, repairs and a much needed lick of paint. Not to mention 700m² of brand spanking new Birch Playwood. It now also houses classes and tutorials for roller skating and skateboarding for all abilities and ages. We reckon you can call that a successful campaign.

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