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Gotham TV Series Trailer

Batman is big business these days. Christopher Nolan’s ridiculously good smash hit trilogy kick-started the DC movie revival and renewed fanboy love for the caped crusader. Whilst those boys at Marvel brought out the slightly underwhelming Agents of SHIELD TV series, the DC folks are cashing in, once again, on their headline Dark Knight, albeit a little differently.

An intriguing TV series set in Gotham city before the birth of Batman, it stars Ben McKenzie (Yes, the kid from the O.C.) as Jim Gordon and focuses on his earlier years on the force. The trailer gives us a great look into what the series holds for the city of Gotham, and how and why we get the crazy situation where it becomes a city festering with criminals and dangerous super villains.

Gotham is a dark, industrialised looking city, and you can expect a TV series that will almost definitely be following in its shadow. But there is a bright future for the city, with a fresh faced Jim Gordon is looking to help give advice and solace to a young boy whose parent’s are gunned down in the street. Bruce Wayne, of course. Lets not forget the introduction to all of the others as well, including Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Two-Face, Joker, Penguin and the Riddler.

Interestingly, DC reset all of the comic books to day 0 not so long ago to allow new readers to get into it without the weight of decades of history weighing them down. This TV series is an attempt to bring Batman to the masses from the outset and give everyone a new way into Gotham city – although from the face of it, would you really want to go? Have a watch of the trailer and see for yourself…



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