Guinness Class

Fancy the life of a rockstar for 12 hours? Then I can assure you that this is the very best chance you will get, and all courtesy of those very kind folk over at Guinness. Starting Friday 5 October (yes tomorrow) and for every Friday and Saturday during the next 9 weeks, one Guinness drinking person and 4 of their friends will be flown to the Emerald isle to experience ‘the life’ Guinness Class.


The Trip

You and your friends will be whisked away by chauffeured car to a local airport, there your luxurious private jet will be waiting for you. Aboard the jet you will have your very own Guinness Class crew who will cater to your every need, including of course the serving of a perfect ice cold Guinness. You can now slide back into your personal leather recliner and make yourself comfy (or stand up and party away I guess!) for the short trip across the Irish Sea. Once landed you will be met on the tarmac by your driver who will take you where ever you want to go, you will drink, dance and eat for free until the early hours when your Guinness hosts will round up the troops, and do the return trip all before sunrise. Once back in your hometown, your private driver will take you back to your front door, but you will have to crawl into bed under your own steam…

To Win

Be in the lucky chosen pub (chosen at random on every potential day) between 6 and 8pm on any Friday or Saturday over the next 9 weeks, and of course make sure you have a Guinness in hand. Wait patiently for when the pilots come through the door, and the fun starts there. Using an iPad app, you shake the tablet (not too hard though!) and you WILL win something. It could be a pint of Guinness, merchandise or of course that lucky trip. But someone in that pub will win! So make friends and improve your odds of an invite!

To find out more information head over to and good luck!