Hard Rock Cafe London Has a New Menu and It’s a Winner

You know that feeling of instant comfortability you get when you enter your friend’s home or visit your local pub and sit down? As we entered Hard Rock Cafe London, the music of Deftones gave me that feeling of instant ease. Well, that combined with the beers we had thirty minutes prior. But mostly Deftones.

The Hard Rock Cafe London is a bit of an institution in the capital, having opened all the way back in 1971. Hard Rock suggest their first cafe was where the “classes mingled” and there’s probably some truth in that, with the music industry’s A-listers just as likely to be spotted here as your mum and dad. Even if you’ve not headed down for some time, the name is still notorious. So when we were invited down to test out their new menu, we naturally obliged.

We were seated and then greeted by Taher, our server who took great care of us throughout our meal. Never seeming false or placed on due to necessity, Taher continued the vibe of relaxed and friendly. Music is so ingrained into fabric and decor of Hard Rock that it will come as no surprise to read that we had great fun listening along to the playlist accompanying our dinner. This again may be due to the Boozy Milkshakes that were placed before us but we found ourselves head-bobbing our way through song after song.


Talking about said Boozy Milkshakes, my sweet tooth is non-existent. However, these weren’t too sweet and had tons of flavour. The alcohol in mine (Strawberry Cheesecake) was barely noticeable which is either very good or very dangerous. Or probably both. The other, more Chocolate-based was more visible in its alcoholic taste.

After chats we ordered the Classic Nachos which came with ranch-style beans and a four-cheese sauce blend, and was topped with pico de gallo, jalapenos and onions. Of course, we added guacamole. When Hard Rock state the nachos are piled high, they certainly do not exaggerate. There’s a lot. Then I went with Buffalo Wings. Tons of heat, well cooked and plenty to share. After the sizeable portions, there was a look between me and my guest that displayed the possibility that we may have hit the ground too hard. Too late to think about it – the mains were already on the way!


The Moving Mountains Burger was my choice. A 100% plant-based meat alternative that I had to sample. The beetroot juice allows the burger to have the “bleed” effect common with a beef burger, while the texture of the bite was very similar to a standard beef burger. The chewing is a little softer, though, due to the lack of fatty meat. Overall, the Moving Mountains Burger was less eventful than I had expected, although I’m sure this is a positive as it simply tasted like a standard burger for the most part.

On the other side, my dining partner received the Double Patty Cheeseburger. This was cooked perfectly and both burgers came with seasoned fries. To finish off we both went for the Cheesecake, which is virtually impossible not to enjoy and achieved its vanilla goal.


Sometimes when you’re out and about, you just need a destination that will hit the spot in terms of atmosphere and food. Hard Rock Café London’s new menu is exactly that and well worth visiting to sample what they have on offer. We will definitely be back. – ★★★★

Located at 150 Old Park Lane, W1K 1QZ GB, the Hard Rock Cafe London’s new menu is available to order now. Find out more over at the Hard Rock Cafe Website.