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Heineken - Road to the Final Advert

The Champions League final may be a distant memory, but the buzz and advertising around it is still simmering. Yet again Heineken came up trumps. After their incredibly successful ‘the candidate’ video, this time we present, Heineken “Road to the Final”.

Pre match day Heineken gave a number of guys the chance to win a last minute ticket to the airport, they just had to jump through a few little hoops first:

  • They had only ONE hour to get to the airport
  • All packed and ready to fly to London
  • Without letting anyone else know about their “mission”

I am not quite sure why the whole video and competition of the single ticket started in Athens, and the guys were Greek (surely German makes sense??) but we can only guess a mix of time and travel distance! The video follows three guys as they make their excuses, pack and rush to the airport, but who will win? Alexandros, Stavros, and the brilliant liar Lefteris.

With over 160 million viewers on the night, the Champions League Final is one of the, no, THE biggest club football match in the world. It may not have had the flair of Barcelona, or the poise of Madrid, but it had, without doubt, the best club team of the last few years, Bayern Munich against their arch rivals Borrousia Dortmund.

It is no Heineken The Candidate, and to be honest the hidden cameras and various ‘issues’ the guys come across make us wonder just how legit the whole thing is… But it is worth the watch hey…?

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