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Sponsored Video: Heineken The Candidate Video

Probably the best.. Oh wait, no that’s wrong… This is the best interview process in the world! Heineken needed an intern and ended up with a hefty 1734 applications land on their desk. To find the very best one they interviewed just 25, threw in a bunch of curve balls and erm ‘interesting’ situations and of course filmed the whole process.


Heineken staff then got to vote who they thought was the best on the internal network and hooray, the new events intern started his job last week! Guy Luchting proved to be a likeable chap and always seemed to have a smile on his face! it was all a little bit of a shock for Guy, saying:
“I really didn’t know what was happening at the job interview. First they take my hand and I think ‘Hey, that’s friendly’ and then the guy falls on the floor and next thing I am outside during a fire alarm helping somebody jump off the roof. It was insane. But it really is my dream job.”

Running for 10 weeks, Guy will be following and working with Heineken and their sponsorship of the Champions League. Take a look at the Heineken The Candidate Video below, which is rather hilarious at times and of course get to see who won! And what a lovely chap he is too!

This video has been placed by Heineken.



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