Heineken’s new advert Star

Over the years we have seen many ‘story lines’ flow onto our screens through TV advertising. We had the daring, plane hopping Mr Milktray, the old and the new BT adverts and Mr Smooth from the recent Stella Artois series. Well now we have a new contender on the block, the man with no name (I would use anon but I have been informed he is completely independent of JA…), drinks Heineken, starting his (or your) story on how to make the ultimate entrance, you are sure to pick-up a few tips with Christmas and New Years parties all around us.

This new global campaign will be hitting our screens over the coming months around the world, with a hearty soundtrack by Danish band the Asteroids Galaxy Tour we are sure this could be a cult classic of the future. We are fairly big fans of the big H, and have already stocked up on the handy mini kegs. Check it out and watch the full video below.

This video is provided and sponsored by Heineken, please drink responsibly. For more information please visit Heineken on Facebook.