For the wine connoisseur there is a certain snobbery that comes with the means with which their wine has been sealed. Since the 17th century cork in the traditional sense, has been used to seal wine in glass bottles. In recent years the screw top has emerged to be a convenient way to easily open, and also re-seal your tipple. For producers it offers a tighter seal and a more consistent taste, eliminating the issue of wine becoming tainted through corking.

Helix Twist Wine Cork

However there is a certain cultural expectation that premium wine will be sealed using a cork, and some classification bodies wont accredit wines if they are screw topped.

To offer a solution to this issue cork manufacturer Amorim have teamed up with bottle making company O-I to create the Helix twist-off wine cork. The bottle neck has been designed with thread on the inner surface, and the cork has been made of an unusual agglomerated type of cork which is more granular, leading to a tighter seal, and less room for the cork expanding with the ingress of wine.

The cork can be removed with a firm twist and resealed just the same. This combination of traditional and contemporary is set to revolutionise the popular premium market (bottles which sell for £5-£10), with the Helix looking to hit shelves by 2015. The individual bottlers have the option to seal the cork in a foil or plastic cover to ensure the bottles are tamperproof.

With testing confirming that the taste was just as consistent with no spoilage due to corking, the future looks bright for the Helix cork. We’ll just have to wait an see if the regular wine drinkers think it will be a welcome replacement for that customary squeak and pop..!



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