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Hendrick's & Reverse Courtship

Valentines is out of the way, but guys, I am afraid the month of ‘love’ doesn’t end there. As I would hope you know, 2012 is a leap year and that brings in the age old tradition of the reverse proposal. What is this you ask? Well the tradition of a leap year, and ultimately the extra day, 29th February, is that the female species may pro-actively seek marriage (like they don’t already!!), but what we mean is, they are allowed to go against tradition and propose to the man!

So first things first, get your guard up and beware the 29th February!! But second level, we have some help for you. We have teamed up with our favourite gin in the land, Hendricks to introduce you to the School for Scoundrels. Having been held around the country throughout February, the final one of these schools will be on Monday 20th February at the Lonsdale in London. Cocktail in hand, you and your guest will be guided through an evening of intriguing encounters. And don’t worry, you won’t be in a room full of men who are equally scared of commitment, running back to back will be the Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest so who knows you may well find your perfect other. After successful nights in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh the final instalment at the Lonsdale in London is sure to the biggest and best yet. So if you are around on Monday, make sure you book your place on the Hendrick's Gin website and head down.

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