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Homeland Series 3 Trailer

Ok so, the prospect of this literally makes us want to wet ourselves. The new series is scheduled for September in the US and October in the UK, so all being well, we haven’t got long to wait. Read on and watch the Homeland Series 3 Trailer.

There are hints of potential story lines within the Homeland Season 3 atmospheric trailer, with Brody (played by Damian Lewis) on the run from authorities having been framed for the catastrophic bombing of the CIA headquarters, and with a bounty on his head things don’t appear to be a walk in the park. His daughter Dana (played by Morgan Saylor) appears to struggle with the break up of her parents marriage, the media attention, and the issues surrounding her father.

Alongside this there are suggestions Brody’s wife Jessica (played by Morena Baccarin) has found support with another character. Carrie (played by Clare Danes) seems pretty upset about the whole Brody ordeal, and no doubt there will be the odd twist and turn to keep us on the edge of our seats, and give everyone a regular topic of conversation.

You know a program has captured the imagination of the world when even President Obama locks in every week, and Jay-Z is name checking the main protagonist on his latest album.

We cannot wait for this, bring on this October. You can watch the drama unfold in the UK on Channel 4 and for now watch the Homeland Series 3 Trailer below.



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