The internet was devastated when it learned that the Lexus Slide Hoverboard video wasn’t as legit as it first appeared and led to most of us accepting that a Marty McFly board is still way off. But there are other options and one such alternative is the single-wheeled Hoverboard.


On paper, the Hoverboard is very simply a skateboard mounted atop a 10-inch wheel. Joes lean forward to accelerate and lean backwards to decelerate or change direction. It’s powered along by a 5,000W motor, which delivers a top speed limited to 16 mph. Pretty impressive!

The Hoverboard has a range of 12 miles and charges at a rate of 1.5 minutes per mile. So it’s actually viable for a short city commute with charging being incredibly quick. It might look difficult to balance but the board possesses a self-balancing system which keeps the board parallel with the ground.

Other features include LED lighting on the trim and there’s some built-in speakers so you can play some beats while you ride along. There’s also an LCD screen on the board which displays information to the rider.

As this is the 21st century, there’s naturally an accompanying app with the Hoverboard for Android and iOS which allows Joes to activate and lock the one-wheeler, check its charge and set speed limits. You can also view journey data, such as maximum speed, average speed and distance travelled.

While we think they’re playing it a little fast and loose by calling it so, we do like the look of the Hoverboard and reckon it might be incredibly good fun. The real problem here is the astronomical price… you can get hold of your Hoverboard for a mammoth £2,500!

The reason for this is because the Hoverboard isn’t a beefed-up scooter with a wheel removed. It is a Tesla, compressed down to scooter-size. Essentially the technology involved is very advanced. And while that’s all very well, we’re not sure they’ll get too many joyriders pledging on the Hoverboard Kickstarter Website at that price!




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