The man hug can be a revelation amongst long lost friends, equally it can be one of those awkward moments when the etiquette is not quite right and you can be made to feel like an extra in a George Michael home video! Well as part of St Patricks Day, the friendliest day of the year, those people over at Guinness have released a video lesson on how to perfect the man hug and bring peace and prosperity to all mankind.

How to: Man Hug

So remember the key points:

      Approach with caution keeping your arms outstretched
      Adopt the A frame (very important) leaving about 1/2 foot distance in-between each crotch
      Never nuzzle….. Never
      A solid double handed pat on the back signals the hug is over

NB – These rules apply only in the man hug. If you are lucky enough to be hugging a woman, do the exact opposite of the four steps above and add a pinch!



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