Now let me start by saying that I am sad when anyone dies. Whether that be Whitney Houston like this past weekend, or some other poor person I don’t even know the name of. Death is sad, but I am afraid for all (I think) of us, it will come some day.

We don't care about Celebrity deaths

However, I find myself unable to sleep at 2am because I can’t stop this piece going round in my head. Why?

I don’t care about celebrity deaths, and here is why you shouldn’t either.

397 British Service Men and Women have died in Afghanistan since 2001 – source BBC.

1.2 million people around the world die each year due to drowning – source International Life Saving Federation. After being found in the bath, some news channels suggest Whitney may have drowned.

31, 758 people died in America during 2009 from ‘accidental poisoning’. In the most part these deaths were caused by drug overdoses – source CDC. Other news channels suggest Whitney may have died from a drug overdose.

In 2010 over 655, 000 people (mostly children) died from Malaria – source World Health Organization.

12,047 women and 69 men died from breast cancer in 2008 in the UK alone– source The NHS.

And no, we are not suggesting Whitney Houston died from Malaria or Breast Cancer. But in the 24 odd hours since the news first broke of her death, did you know it is likely that between 150, 000 and 200,000 other people have died around the world? Just because they don’t have a Grammy, millions of sold albums, or an amazing voice doesn’t make them any less significant to this world.

All we are asking is for you to take a moment, pause that re-run of the bodyguard and remember the other people who die every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every month, of every year. Some of them may not have anyone to mourn for them.



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