Mention Ibiza and most us think hedonism and the mecca for dance music. But there’s so much more to the Spanish island than just drink and trance as illustrated by this stunning villa built by Italian-based architecture firm metroarea architetti.

Ibiza Villa, Spain by metroarea architetti

The Ibiza Villa by metroarea architetti is inspired by roman-style villas and by Spanish and Arab heritage, and focuses on the fusion of Mediterranean culture and the natural environment. As such, the spacious Villa is constructed of predominantly concrete, bamboo and latticework.

Perched on a hilltop, the Villa shape follows the natural slope of the ground and is built to offer a continuous inside-outside relationship with features like glass windows, hanging gardens, canopies and custom made bamboo shutters that are a reminiscence of the traditional awnings and latticework Moucharabieh.

metroarea Ibiza Villa 8
Being a luxury abode in a predominantly warm climate, the exterior of the house is naturally decked out to the nines, with a grand vista and sweeping terraces alongside a two sprawling pool, each enriched by a waterfall and creek.

Indoors, the expressionist home has three levels that are organically connected by curved paths and stairs. On the ground floor, there’s a master suite with large living space and wardrobe, as well as six guest rooms and the main pool.

metroarea Ibiza Villa 5
On the first floor, you’ll find the living room with a 15m sliding door, a dining room, kitchen, gym, spa, and the secondary external pool, while the second floor is taken up by a spacious Belvedere living room.

Head over to the metroarea architetti Website to see more of their works.

metroarea Ibiza Villa 6
metroarea Ibiza Villa 3
metroarea Ibiza Villa 1
metroarea Ibiza Villa 7
metroarea Ibiza Villa 4



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