IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café

IKEA has just brought a new meaning to the phrase ‘comfort food’! Today saw the doors opening to the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café – a concept eatery where tables are replaced with beds to stimulate a breakfast in bed revolution!

After conducting a survey of 2,000 Brits, IKEA found that 50% of us have never had the pleasure of enjoying breakfast in bed, sparking the Swedish retailer to call for a change in how we start our days. A change we can fully get on board with!

With that in mind, they have opened the Breakfast in Bed Café for just 3 days. It’s in Shoreditch and patrons will get to have breakfast and choose from a menu of IKEA’s most comfortable beds and pillows. There’s even an actual Pillow Menu!

They’ve specifically designed the dining room to be a homely-eatery created to make people feel like they can enjoy eating out in the comfort of their own bed. And the best bit is it’s completely free!

Joes can book a bed between 7am and 12pm in 45 minute slots as they chose to relax in a single or double bed where they will be served by specially trained waiting staff and sleep specialists, serving toast, tea, fresh juice and an array of traditional Swedish treat.

To round off the abandonment of this comfortable café the waiters will give out sleep inducing teas, as chilled music fills the room and an array of expert tips are conveyed by IKEA’s expert sleepologists.

The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café is located at Blackall Studios on Leonard Street – a 5 minute walk from Old Street Station. To book your bed and style of pillow from the ‘Pillow Menu’, you’ll need to email IKEAbreakfastinbed@hopeandglorypr.com with your preferred time of arrival on the hour, every hour between 7am and 2pm. Is there really any reason you won’t want a free sleep and breakfast in bed? Didn’t think so. Although, we reckon you’ll need to be quick as it’s only open until Wednesday!