Sponsored video: IKEA ‘Let’s Relax’ Campaign

We’re all guilty of it. You’ve spent the afternoon slaving away in the kitchen and you’re so proud of your roast that just just must honour it in the only way you know how – yup, posting it on Instagram! But what if you don’t get at least 15 likes? You got 25 for that picture of the cheesecake? Well, IKEA wants to help people say ‘goodbye’ to the stress and ‘hello’ to the pure joy of cooking, eating and being together with their ‘Let’s Relax’ campaign.

As IKEA say, ‘socialising is great, but it brings with it constant comparison and expectations.’ While they can be inspiring, they can also just as easily stress you out. ‘Let’s Relax’ is all about starting a conversation about the expectations that make our lives unnecessarily demanding – and they’re starting in the kitchen.

A few stats for you; while 73% of people say they cook to make themselves feel at home, 42% of them say they also lack time to cook everyday day. Not only that, 15% of young people say they post pictures while eating and 34% of those living alone wish they could eat with others more. So we and IKEA say, make time to cook and do it with others!

IKEA Let's Relax Campaign 1

To celebrate the ‘Let’s Relax’ campaign, IKEA’s always brilliant advertising team have got together and come up with ‘Goodbye Expectations’. The clip shows a wealthy Victorian family about to sit down and tuck into a meal, before the father requests the meal is painted and given the thumbs up of the locals before it can be eaten.

It’s a brilliantly clever concept and illustrates the absurdity of how a lot of us use social media nowadays. Take a look at the video below and read more about the ‘Let’s Relax’ campaign over at the IKEA Website.

Want to share your favourite Instagram pictures of your dinner? Well, we would rather you didn’t. Thanks

This post was kindly sponsored by Ikea.