When Independence Day was released in 1996, it blew the socks off audiences with set pieces and CGI which had rarely been seen before. Fast-forward almost 20 years later and the sequel to the beloved original had no real choice but to go bigger and bolder thanks to advances in the tech. Well, we’re pleased to say Roland Emmerich hasn’t held back in both departments judging by the first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence!

Independence Day: Resurgence Film Trailer

It’s been two decades since aliens invaded earth trying to harvest us for all our minerals and resources. They thought it would be a cake walk – little did they know we had the Fresh Prince and Jeff Goldblum kicking ass and dropping one liners like they were pulling Christmas crackers! But deep down we always knew the aliens would be back. Queue the resurgence…

From what we know of Emmerich, the plot to Independence 2 is hardly going to set new standards in cinema but it is thus: Nations of Earth have collaborated on a gigantic defence programme to protect the planet using recovered alien technology from Independence 1. But when the inevitable happens and the aliens return, nothing can prepare us for the advanced weaponry and sheer force.

So who can save us? Jeff Goldblum, of course! Goldblum plays David Levinson from the original as the brains behind saving the world, while Liam Hemsworth provides the immaculate abs and the brawn. Bill Pullman is also back as former President Whitmore, so we’re hoping for another speech to rival Martin Luther.

Will we win the day? Or will we go quietly into the night? You’ll have to wait and see when Independence Day: Resurgence arrives in your cinemas with bass and all on the 24th June next summer. Check out the trailer below!



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