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Infiniti Music Cube

Have you ever been to a gig and left thinking, ‘You know what, I enjoy the way I watch live music, but come to think of it, what if it was done differently? What if the artist was in a giant sound proof box and you listened from the outside through headphones?’. Well you’d probably get told you’re crazy, be left alone in the corner of the room at a party you don’t really want to be at… WELL NOT ANYMORE! 

We headed down to Westfield shopping centre to check out what was rumoured to change the way we watch and listen, to live music. Infiniti’s Music Cube was in all shapes and forms a completely new way to experience live music. Housed in a glass cube, surrounded by an audience who have all been given headphones to experience the music, while feeling the music through air-blast flooring. It was most certainly something else.


We were lucky enough to see the likes of Professor Green perform in this rare experience, and even though it was the most full on silent disco we’ve ever been to, the enjoyment of the music didn’t really take too much of a hit. The sound quality was far more clear than through the giant speakers at concert venues and it almost felt a little more personal, a bit like the performance was just for you. Plus, it’s utterly hilarious to take your headphones off and listen to the rest of the crowd signing horrendously out of tune in what seems like silence to the disgust of onlooking shoppers. All in all an enjoyable experience and well worth going to if you get the chance.


The Infiniti Music Cube was at both London Westfield’s throughout October hosting a whole range of acts from Brit school students to chart toppers. That’s it for immediate plans but we were told not to be surprised if it makes more of a permanent home in the future.

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