Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Jack Bauer to return in 24?

We could be imminently seeing the return of 24 to our screens in the form of a limited 12 episode series (bare with me…).

Whispers have begun following David Fury, who worked as a writer and executive producer on 24 and Howard Gordon, the long time show runner and now executive producer of Homeland hinting that Fox were back on board for another run of the popular high octane series. With the limited episode format we at averagejoes can only imagine that the show will still elapse in real time, just over a shorter timescale or over the full day, but including snippets of what has occurred over a two hour slot.

We can’t help but think that there would be eager anticipation across the globe for an announcement like this to be confirmed, given the popularity of the 8 previous seasons, and in the absence of the 24 movie which has not come to fruition and awaiting a new series of Homeland to hit our screens, there would be space in our viewing calendar for this to slot in nicely. Let’s just hope this gets the go ahead from the production team, so it gets onto our screens in the near future!



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