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Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig 2015 - TesseracT

Ever fancied performing on the top of a giant igloo? Well, the thought had never crossed our mind either… until now! A gigantic igloo, thought to be the world’s biggest and spanning the equivalent of 3.5 double decker buses in Ylläs Village in Lapland, Finland, was transformed into an ice stage for the world’s first ‘gig on an igloo’.

The show saw UK progressive rock band, TesseracT perform on top of the immense snow structure for the Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig, which puts artists to the test as they perform in unconventional, ice cold conditions.

The five-piece band braved the freezing cold conditions to help put the finishing touches to a pretty incredible set. The igloo measures in at 16m in diameter and played host to the hour long show to complete the fourth Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig. It pulled in villagers from as far as 50 kilometres away and it coincided with a convenient and mesmerising display of the Northern Lights overhead.

Awarded 4 K’s by Kerrang Magazine for their last album, the UK band took time out of their jam packed tour schedule to take up the challenge and play out their tracks, including Nocturne, which has over 800,000 hits on YouTube.

Guitarist James Monteith said: “We’re great mates first and foremost, so we’ve shared some amazing moments. But even after playing the main stage at Sonisphere last year, the Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig was definitely TessaracT’s most challenging performance to date, and what an amazing experience it was. Something we’ll remember forever!”

In 2012, The Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Coldest Concert when former Busted frontman Charlie Simpson performed. Braving brutal temperatures of -30˚C the performer played to a small crowd in Oymyakon, Siberia – the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet.

It’s a pretty amazing idea and the result looks truly epic. Check out some of the footage in the video below.




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