October is a quite wonderful month. Not only is it Halloween when we get to pretend to be someone else and party the night away, but it is also the launch of the highly anticipated Spectre – Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. What better way to celebrate the two than going all classy and creating your own James Bond Halloween Costume.

James Bond Halloween Costume

Based on Spectre, we even have two pretty amazing Halloween ideas from 007 himself, and we are going to put both together for you in our own James Bond Halloween Costume extravaganza. The first is perhaps a little easier (and low cost) and is based on the Day of the Dead costume that Bond (We think?!?!) wears during Spectre. The second is a little more difficult and expensive, but perfect for something high end and dashing!!

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James Bond Halloween Costume – Day of the Dead Carnival

As you can see from the picture below. James Bond, king of disguises (LOLS), actually does dress up whilst trying to track down one of his targets in the latest film. We don’t know it’s 100% Bond is our only issue!! The carnival has a very eerie feel to it and takes us back to black magic and dressing up in Live and Let Die.


This specific James Bond Costume is very easy to create, you will need:

  • Top Hat
  • Skull Mask
  • Long Blazer / Black Jacket
  • Black Shoes (preferably)
  • White Clothes Paint / Chalk
  • Black Shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • Black / Skeleton Tie

As you can see from the picture below, the top-hat and mask are very much standard. We picked ours up from eBay at less than £15 for the two! After that we need our main dress. The Black shirt is simple – either use an old one or pick one up for a few pounds from Primark. The tie – you can go plain black as well and then paint on ‘your spine’ later.

The jacket is a little trickier. In the end we went for a front print one from fancydress.com. But equally you could try and find a cheap Tuxedo tails on eBay? Shoe? well, we hope you have shoes!

Now you have all your equipment, you need to find someone with a creative eye. Perhaps a designer? Taking the white clothes paint, you need to draw a simple skeleton torso on your blazer, legs on your cheap black trousers and then finally a spinal cord on your tie. Voila! There you have your perfect James Bond Spectre Halloween Costume!


James Bond Halloween Costume – White Tux

Being his final outing of Bond, Daniel Craig dons the famous white tux during the Spectre finale. Whilst a tux is always a firm favourite, the white tux has made few appearances in the past, only wheeled out for very special occasions. As such, not only could a white tux jacket be a special blazer in your wardrobe this winter, but with some careful planning, it could well be the perfect Halloween Costume.


To pull this off you’re obviously going to need said white tux jacket. And if you want to make a true statement it is going to need to a be a little bit special. The cost perhaps not so much but at least a good fit to your frame so it looks like you had it hand-made! Don’t worry, you can pick up some from around the £120 mark, so all is not lost! Like we said, if it survives the night, you will get use out of it down the line!

You will then need you standard black trousers, black shoes, black bow tie and finished with a white dress shirt. All pretty simple, huh? Next up we need the Halloween element, and god forbid, yes we are going to kill James Bond…

Whilst technically 007 / James Bond never dies. He does go missing a lot and has been shot more times than I remember. As such we are going to white out the face with a simple white powder and then add a gun-shot wound to the head – dead centre for effect. We found this easy tutorial by Megan Leigh and it seems super simple!

Lastly, we need a body shot, the first shot that slowed down 007 enough for them to execute him (we imagine). You can grab a simple temporary gunshot tattoo for this and then add some fake blood. You could also put some on your Tux but you should probably make sure you can get it out – so no food colouring!!!


There we have it – our truly amazing and actually pretty easy James Bond Halloween Costumes based on possibly the biggest film of 2015, Spectre. Just don’t tell Hans Solo.



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