While The Bourne Legacy certainly wasn’t a car crash, it did make us pine for Matt Damon – no offence to Jeremy! So we’re over the moon the trailer for the new Jason Bourne film sees Damon back at the helm – alongside director Paul Greengrass – in full badass mode!

Jason Bourne Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Jason Bourne a few weeks ago had us a bit worried that Bourne was going to deliver Fast & Furious 20 with car chases and a topless Damon dominating the screen time. Now, while we love a car chase as much as the next Joe, Bourne is so much more than the sum of its motors.

So while there’s ample auto destruction, we’re pleased to report the new trailer also sees plenty of gun-wielding, mystery plot lines and all the fighting with stationary you could hope for from a Bourne film!

Jason Bourne Trailer Matt Damon Julia Styles
The Universal franchise that started back in 2002’s Bourne Identity with Damon and Greengrass teaming up for the following two instalments in Supremacy and Ultimatum. But both actor and director were conspicuous by their absence in 2012’s Bourne Legacy, which featured Jeremy Renner in the lead role.

Plot details are naturally thin for Jason Bourne (the movie) at the moment with the returning Julia Stiles hinting, ‘Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.’ Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel also make their Bourne debuts.

Jason Bourne is set for release this summer on 27th July 2016. Check out the full trailer below.



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