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Jurassic World Trailer

The first Jurassic World trailer has landed with the movie set to hit cinemas June 12th 2015. We’ve got an island full of dinosaurs, we’ve got mad scientists, we’ve got action, we’ve got adventure and we’ve got peril and most importantly we’ve got everybody’s actor of the hour: Chris Pratt… its looking pretty awesome.

The first trailer was expected to be released on Friday – just after Thanksgiving. However, we have reason to give thanks slightly earlier, its about god damned time! Years in development, years being passed from project manager to director to random cast rumours… We’ve finally got something we can watch and we can get behind. Starring Chris Pratt (that most amazing guy in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Lego Movie and Parks n Rec), with Bryce Dallas and has Executive Producer Stephen Spielberg on board too.

So, what have you just seen? Well, it looks like Jurassic Park has finally come to life in a way that its original creator and KFC’s Colonel doppelganger John Hammond had envisioned. There are herds of dinosaurs kept on Isla Nublar, where visitors get to walk amongst them and watch them in Sea World style exhibitions. It looks wildly popular by all accounts. Of course, science gets in the way again and things just can’t stay peaceful. The moral message we get here is that you shouldn’t go messing around with genetics. We’ve heard it before. This time, the scientists have gone and mixed up their own super dino cocktail – why are the dangerous dinosaurs always female by the way?

The GM Dinosaur obviously escapes, climbing a 40ft wall, and causes havoc amongst the dinosaur and human visitor population of Isla Nublar. In steps our main man Chris Pratt, who is obviously going to save the day, save some kids from being eaten, and ride a motorcycle through the middle of a pack of Raptors (evidently fleeing something far more dangerous). It has the component parts to add up to a real rollercoaster of a movie. But can it measure up to the past entries into the Jurassic Park Franchise? It certainly stands a chance, so long as it looks and feels real as much as it feels like we’ve been on an exciting ride!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Jurassic Park franchise lost its way with the last 2 films they produced. To be fair to them, they stood in the shadow of a game changing film, and realistically could never measure up to the awesome spectacle of the animatronic Dinosaurs, the excellent use of CGI and the stellar cast.  If you’re not really aware of the history, there are about 15 minutes of CGI in Jurassic park, 4 of which were done solely using computers, which took 1 year to put together. The rest of the dinosaurs are real. Real animatronics that is. They were on set, could be seen, touched and operated. This was back in 1993. The first full length CGI movie, Toy Story, didn’t come out till 1995.

The CGI in Jurassic World is obviously going to be leaps and bounds better than it was in the pervious movies as the art has become so much more advanced since then. We would really want to see some animatronics incoorporaetd into the movie though, as they add a degree of realism that simply cannot be bought in by computer. The cast for Jurassic World is promising, but at first glance, we don’t think it compares to our 1993 entry (Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Waynes Knight and Samuel L. Jackson). The plot seems eerily similar to the first film, but only time will there there. All in all? We are excited. As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park… HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!



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