Just Plain Style with Lynx Black

Whilst Lynx have predominately been loud and very much in your face, the latest Lynx Black range is all about understatement and clean design. To showcase such design and to keep things simple we decide to be a little different. We wandered round our local town of Norwich and popped in both shops (and someone’s house) to capture undoubtedly simple interior design.

Whilst most people will think of style as their wardrobe, there is an ever increasing respect to those than can style their house as well as their outfit. DIY is no longer not enough, homes need to be liveable whilst at times in near showroom condition to create the right effect. Nordic is very much the in thing right now, it can at times feel very white and a little lifeless. Colour and warmth needs to be added through accessories and small tweaks to furniture. Or even dumping the white altogether and using a different shade.

The above table and chair for instance, large enough to be imposing but not bold enough to take over a room. The light wood is matched wonderfully to the nearly retro shaped seats with their fabric covering giving warmth alongside the sunshine yellow colour.


This chair! Easily envisaged sitting in the darkened corner of 007’s penthouse, this brown leather chair has a modern shape but it finished in very classic buttons originally found on the old Chesterfield style of sofa. Forget about the footstool, it will only get in the way when you need to jump to your feet and kill a bad guy.


A sofa is everything and this structured fabric is the perfect choice. Forget leather. Sticky in summer and cold in winter, leather is not for an everyday sofa. Leave it on the shoes. The light colour and textured material make this feel very warm. Being low to the ground it isn’t overly imposing no matter what the size of your room but those square cushion still maintain the structure and support needed. Understated style at it’s very best.


This table is modern and minimal. Just like the new Lynx Black. Straight lines are key with a building block type construction alongside simple black and white design. It is low, unobtrusive but incredibly sophisticated. Exactly what you want then..


Simple, stylish and near retro in shape. These low slung chairs work incredibly well with this coloured glass table top. Whilst colours are very similar the real trick comes in the mixtures of materials and fabrics. Giving different textures adds depth and warmth and gives a different type of visual appeal when compared to everyday colour swaps.


One of my personal favourites and the perfect contrast. The table is simple and near industrial. Plain, square legs with what could deceive as a near concrete like slate top. Stand-alone this could be very cold, but add in the four matching chairs with a vibrant colour and you have something really works. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with chair either, by colour and / or different design.

There we have it, our top tips and personal choices for a minimal and fuss free lifestyle and home with Lynx Black. Have a room in your house you want to share with us? Please do!