Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

K-Swiss and Diplo: The Board

We are very in the generation of the entrepreneur. From meteoric rises which are very Zuckerberg-like from tech companies to online media moguls who make it their work to change peoples lives through music or film. One such man is Diplo who has seems to have been non-stop in recent years through his producing and music. He has teamed up with K-Swiss to help search and help the next generation of entrepreneurs with ‘The Board’.

It’s an interesting concept. Diplo has been chosen as the Director of a 100 person strong board which will comprise of creative and connected young men and women who will actually work with and on K-Swiss. They will work on real projects within the company and produce ideas and campaigns as well as looking into the design of trainers and the brand.

“I was instantly drawn to the K•Swiss brand due to their heritage and longevity in the marketplace,” said Diplo. “I am excited to be part of ‘The Board’, to bring young entrepreneurial minds into the process to help build the next chapter at such a respected brand.”

This of this as an internship straight to the top of the tree. The application site will open today with submissions valid through April 30, 2015 at



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