We love some cool and innovative design that doesn’t compromise on elegance, and one such product that’s caught our collective eyes is the Carat glassware by Finish designers Kayiwa.

Kayiwa Carat Glassware

The Carat stemless drinkware is innovative but still packs bags of style with a diamond shape at the bottom of each differently-sized glass. At first glance it might look a tad impractical but it actually holds everything from cocktails to fine cognacs and juices to wines perfectly in the tilted design.

The diamond shape of the glasses allows them to be held in different positions, which can be varied according to a Joes preference or the type of drink you’re drinking. Without a stem or sham, Carat’s equiangular and equilateral polygon form is designed to rest on any of its many sides.

Kayiwa Carat Glassware 1
There’s also a technical point to the shape – when in this inclined position, the glass increases the surface of the liquid exposed to air, which in turn enhances aromas and allows for oxygenation with fine spirits.

It might look dangerous but we’re assured its virtually spill-proof, which means it’s even perfect for picnics. When pouring contents, the glass is held vertically, and the top of the K logo indicates the absolute maximum volume so you won’t get caught out!

Kayiwa Carat Glassware 2
Kayiwa have an extensive portfolio of products ranging from furniture to housewares with an emphasis on witty yet elegant disregard for convention. That fusion of art and design to create something functional is undoubtedly in evidence with the Carat glassware.

You can get hold of the Kayiwa Carat glassware from the Kawiya Website where drinking glasses start at around £100 (€140), while the wine bucket (that can chill both standard and magnum-sized bottles) starts at around £760 (€1047).

Kayiwa Carat Glassware 4



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