The first trailer has arrived for the latest instalment of King Kong. But rather than tearing up New York City, Kong has his home disturbed by some reckless humans who need to be saved by a brooding looking Tom Hiddleston and a fierce looking Brie Larson. Take a look at the first full trailer for Kong: Skull Island.

Kong: Skull Island Film Trailer

Directed by relative newbie Jordan Vogt-Roberts, 70s set Kong: Skull Island is an original story that follows a group of explorers as they embark on a beautiful and mysterious island in the Pacific. Little do they know they’re walking into the home of Kong and a number of other quite frankly terrifying over-sized animals.

The exploration team is headed by Captain James Conrad (Hiddleston), a Brit who opposes the planned bombing of the island. Joined by Weaver (Larson) and veteran trekker Bill Randa – played by the always excellent John Goodman – the explorers stumble across a tribe who inform the crew that while Kong might be ‘God’, the ‘Devil’ lives below…What ensues appears to be suitable chaos with a few laughs thrown in by an on-form John C Reilly.

Kong: Skull Island Trailer Hiddleston Larson
While it’s not going to clean sweep the Oscars, we do like the look of the first Kong: Skull Island trailer. The shots of the island look breath-taking, the action looks full throttle, and the cast is absolutely stacked.

Co-starring Tobey Kebbell, Samuel L. Jackson and Terry Notary as Kong, Kong: Skull Island is penned to be released over in the US on 10th March 2017. There’s no official word on a UK date just yet but we’d be surprised if it’s not around the same date. Check out the full trailer below and let us know what you think!

Kong: Skull Island Poster



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