Kopparberg will be offering a unique Swedish twist on the rising American trend for frozen drinks this summer with the rather intriguing Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider – the world’s first frozen cider.

Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider

On our shelves in May, it’s going to be available in two tried and tested flavours – Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime – fusing invigorating fruity flavours and absolute refreshment. Sounds rather delicious to us and we’re hoping it’ll be the essential cocktail alternative for hot summer days and nights.

It comes packaged in a metallic pouch (like a Capri-Sun) and should then be frozen for eight hours. When it’s sufficiently frozen, simply squeeze it into a glass and garnished with either a tangy wedge of lime for the classic favourite, Strawberry & Lime, or a cooling slice of cucumber to compliment the fresh and floral Elderflower & Lime. It’s then time to kick back in the sun and enjoy with a spoon or wide straw.

Kopparberg say the creation was initially inspired by a cheeky April Fool’s joke shared around the Kopparberg online community. When a prank revealing a Kopparberg ice-lolly quickly turned into a something fans liked the idea of, Kopparberg reimagined the icy creation into a refreshing adult drink fans would love.

Rolling out over April and May, Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider will be available in individual 250ml pouches from more than 1,000 stores, including Tesco, Morrisons and Asda, with a price-point of £2.99.




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