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Legend Film Trailer

The first trailer has landed for the much anticipated film about the Kray twins, Legend. As you have probably worked out/heard by now, Tom Hardy will be working double time and will be playing both twins, Reggie and Ronnie.

Legend dips into the dark underbelly of the swinging ‘60s, when sharp-suited gangsters warred for turf and control, and innocent people were caught in the middle of the conflict, although criminals like Ronald and Reginald Kray liked to claim they only went after the competition.

The trailer looks every bit as tense and slick as we’d want it to be, with Hardy looking note perfect playing the infamous twins who are as physically intimidating as they are charismatic. Which shouldn’t be a surprise as Hardy is no stranger to this sort of role with a successful turn at Charles Bronson under his belt.

Legend is based on John Pearson’s book The Profession of Violence, and is penned by Brian Helgeland who won an Oscar for writing LA Confidential. All the ingredients are there for a potential cracker and Tom Hardy plays menace and intimidation better than most on screen.

Co-starring Christopher Eccleston, David Thewlis and Sucker Punch beauty Emily Browning, Legend will be released on 11th September this year. Check out the trailer below.



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