Life on Mars Show Home

If we’re to believe everything we read in newspapers and watch on films, we’re going to have to find ourselves a new planet sooner or later, with the obvious candidate being Mars. Well, the National Geographic have installed a full-size ‘Life on Mars’ show home at the London’s Royal Observatory in Greenwich to show us what life could be like.

The show home is all in aid of a new TV series made by National Geographic, called ‘Mars’, which aims to show us what life could be like on the Red Planet. In the run-up to the show’s release, the Royal Observatory Greenwich has been hosting the Martian show home which has been built using materials as close to possible as those found on the red planet.

The main structure of the potential home would be constructed out of the Martian soil or regolith. It will also use recycled spacecraft parts designed to protect humans from the unforgiving atmosphere and freezing temperatures, such as a double air-locked entrance.

Life on Mars Show Home 3
Constructed over several months by Cardiff company Wild Creations, other features include exercise equipment, plates and cutlery to eat from and VR headsets which will be 3D printed on the planet. This is the future, remember?

The home also includes nifty gadgets like a trap door that leads down to an underground area, which stores heaters and a carbon dioxide conversion machine. Upstairs, there’s a small cooking area with a microwave (the only cooking instrument unfortunately), a bed and naturally there’ll be a high-tech computer in the pod too.

Life on Mars Show Home 4
Designed to be situated in Valles Marineris, a 2,485 mile long system of canyons that runs along the equator of Mars, the Martian show home’s walls are around 3 metres thick but the real walls would have to be 6 metres thick to stop the cold.

The Life on Mars Show Home will be located at the Royal Observatory Greenwich between 10am – 5pm and it’s Free to enter.

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