We love a piece of eye-catching and well thought out design here at Average Joes. If it’s got a feature that will make the world a little easier and, of course, it looks good, we’re all on board. Without that in mind, feast your eyes on the LiliLite – a bookshelf which also features as a reading light and bookmark.

If you’re into reading before you catch some shut-eye, the LiliLite couldn’t be more useful. The stylish shelf combines three main functions – bookshelf, book lamp and book marker – into one smart product which also has an automatic on/off book sensor.

When you pull your book from the peak of the LiliLite, a sensor automatically turns the lamp on and illuminates your book from the perfect angle. When you’ve finished reading, just put the book back on the peak and the light will automatically turn off. The peak also doubles as a handy bookmark.

If you like the look of the LiliLite but don’t want to use it as a reading lamp, there is also a manual switch on the cable. It uses interchangeable LED bulbs which means you can also have any in colour and intensity you fancy.

The LiliLite is easy to mount on the wall and comes with some simple step-by-step instructions. You won’t need a left and right version either – all you’ll need to do is flip it!

We love the look of the LiliLite. Made from a single piece of steam pressed plywood and finished with an American oak veneer, we think its contemporary elegance will suit pretty much any bedroom décor to give Joes a great space saver.

The LiliLite bookshelf lamp is being sold on crowd-finding website Indiegogo where you can get hold of one for around £65 ($99) – not bad at all considering you’d almost certainly grab one on a whim if you were being dragged around Ikea! Get over to the LiliLite Indiegogo Page for more details.