It seems like nowadays Londoners can’t ever just go down to the local for a pint. Drinking needs to accompanied by a sense a theatre and one of the companies leading the way in this new immersive drinking trend is Lollipop. And they’ve just announced plans for their next project; an immersive, multi-room alcoholic escape experience called ‘The Grid’.

Lollipop Announce 'The Grid' Immersive Cocktail Experience in London

Opening later in the summer, The Grid is a place where patrons get to go undercover at an Artificial Intelligence firm in an attempt to learn and defeat ‘the system’. The tech-driven escape experience challenges drinkers to puzzles across a series of rooms, with the bar as a backdrop.

On the day of the experience, patrons will arrive undercover at the AI corp’s ( HQ, where they’ll move between different rooms, interacting with the Artificial Intelligence and Neosight specialist technology to try and stop the organisation from crunching human data for the ‘greater good’.


Naturally, the 1.5 hour experience will be full of surprises, bespoke tech and, of course, futurists tonics (sci-fi cocktails). And if Lollipop’s previous ventures, ABQ (Breaking Bad RV cocktail making) and The Bletchley (Enigma code-breaking boozing), it should be a cracking night out!

The Grid is set to open its door to public in late July/early August. The waiting list is now open and reservations will be released on a first come first served basis. So head over to The Grid Website now where tickets will be priced £30-£40 per head, which will also get you two futuristic cocktails.


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