Drinking beer from a can has gained itself a poor reputation among the more discerning Joes of the UK. Looking to change that perception, the London Beer Factory has embraced a new invention making it the first ever UK brewery to release its entire range in 360° cans. We tested some out and we’re pleased to report you canphobes may have a new friend it town.

Beer Goes Topless: London Beer Factory 360° Cans

Despite there actually being evidence that beer from a can spoils far less than beer from a bottle due to light pollution, the act of can boozing seems to be left to students and sports fans. The 360° can design is out to change that by enabling drinkers to completely remove the lid, with the idea being it allows the full spectrum of flavour and aroma to leap out of the can.

The London Beer Factory is the first UK brewery to launch its entire range of beer in the 360° cans, which feature a ring pull design – much like a regular can. The ring pull just removes the entire lid meaning it’s easier to drink and there’s no need for glassware or draught installations.

360 Cans London Beer Factory 4

The London Beer Factory was founded in early 2014 by brothers Ed and Sim Cotton. With a commitment to producing beer with character, the brewery’s beer is packed with unique flavours and distinctive qualities, using a wide array of hops and malts from around the world.

Their ‘Core Range’ features five beers, including a lager, a stout, a blonde and two IPAs; but they also have a ‘Pilot Range’ which enables the brewery to experiment and produce a new beer every month. All the beers are available in keg, bottle or can. Our tip; grab a 6-pack of the Beyond the Pale IPA!

The London Beer Factory is located at 160 Hamilton Road, SE27 9SF, and their taproom is open on Saturdays 1pm-6pm. Head over to the London Beer Factory Website to order some cans and for more details on the brewery’s beers.

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