London is Getting an Official Sherlock Escape Room

If you’re regular readers of Average Joes, you’ll know just how much we like an escape game. And if you’re not – it’s A LOT, for the record. So imagine our excitement that from October 2018, fans of escape rooms in London will have the chance to step into the world of Sherlock to find out if you’re as smart as the illustrious detective played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Yes, the hit BBC show Sherlock is getting its very own official escape room. The immersive real-life game will begin with Sherlock mysteriously ‘indisposed’ and his famous Network of informants and operatives beginning to deplete. As a consequence, there’s a recruitment drive on and they’re looking to see if you’ve got what it takes to join the Network.

The experience is called ‘Sherlock: The Game is Now’ and it’s been created by the makers of Time Run, arguably the Holy Grail of London escape rooms. Not only that, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue and showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have also been consulted on and co-scripted the experience, so it should be seriously authentic.


While we obviously don’t have the finer details, we do know that it’ll take place in 17,000 sq-ft location in central London with five identical multi-room experiences going on at once. Rather awesomely, The Game is Now will also feature specially recorded video and audio elements with original characters from the show.

Rather than the usual 60 minute games seen in the vast majority of escape rooms, ‘Sherlock: The Game Is Now’ will be a 90 minute immersive game experience for groups of 4 to 6. Apart from that, all we know is that groups will solve ‘puzzles, challenges and mysteries against the clock’. Quite honestly, it sounds absolutely incredible.

Sherlock: The Game is Now is set to open in October 2018 with tickets available to buy now over at the Sherlock Game Website, where there’ll be priced at £54 per person. But if you can’t wait until October, here’s what we think are the best escape rooms currently in London!