It’s no secret that London’s beer brewing scene is booming like never before. So much so that Beer Guide London claim it’s just reached the 100 mark. But the really interesting bit about London’s 100th taproom is that the Nirvana Beer Co. are due to brew solely non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers.

London's 100th Brewery Will Produce Only Non-Alcoholic Beer

With the sheer amount of beers brewed in the capital, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But East London’s Nirvana Beer Co will have no such problem. Based out of Leyton, the brewery’s beers will all be low or non-alcoholic and they’re due to launch their range in April.

The brewery’s aim is to ‘create a range of alcohol free beers in a way without compromising on quality or taste…not sat lonely on a different shelf but rather sat alongside all the other good quality craft beers’.

Nirvana Beer Company Non-Alcoholic Brewery 2

The branding for the new alc-free brewery is inspired by the yoga movement, with the range including the likes of Mantra IPA, Chakra Pale Ale and a Karma Lager. All the beers are alcohol free, such as the Kosmic Stout, or no more than 0.5% ABV, such as the Tantra IPA.

Whether you’d order a non-alcoholic beer at the bar or not, it’s at the very least an interesting concept for a brewery. Alc-free drinks are more popular on the continent, for example, and with healthy living only becoming more mainstream, we think Nirvana could be on to something.

The first low- and non-alcoholic beers from the Nirvana Brewing Co. are set to be ready for a launch at the brewery in April. Keep updated over at the Nirvana Brewing Website.

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