The phrase, “that’s so London,” is something which gets banded around a lot these days. Half of the time it’s just a throwaway from mesmerised country folk but sometimes it is just too apt not to use. One such example of the perfect application for the phrase is London’s obsession with concept restaurants and eccentric cafes. So from cereal to garlic, here’s some of London’s quirkiest eateries.

London’s Quirkiest Eateries


Food: Crisps and Dips
Location: Soho

We’re not sure HipChips could exist in any other time or any other place on the planet than in 2016 London. The concept is simple; a restaurant filled with just crisps and dips. Obviously. Located in the heart of Soho on Old Compton Street, the soon-to-be-open HipChips is going to totally ‘reinvent the potato crisp’ and serve it to you on a conveyor belt. Each ‘meal’ will set you back a minimum of £4.50(!) and will consist of crisps and a dip; the choice of which will range from chocolate Nutella to Peruvian ceviche with tomato, lime, coriander, red onion and chilli. That’s so London.

London Quirkiest Eateries HipChips

The Attendant

Food: Cafe
Location: Fitzrovia/Shoreditch

As the name suggests, The Attendant is a humble café set in an abandoned underground WC from the 1960s. The über hip café features all the old school toilet features you’d want while you’re tucking into your scone, such as urinals turned into single-seater booths. It’s fairly small so naturally it gets rammed during lunchtime, but head in the morning or late afternoon but some genuinely superb brunch or our favourite Kim Jong-Un Salt Beef sandwich.

London Quirkest Eateries The Attendant

The Piano Works

Food: Steak/Bar Food
Location: Farringdon

It’s not just the food at The Piano Works which makes it one of our favourite quirky haunts in London, but as well as tucking into your chorizo lollipop and array of meats, your table and the surrounding masses get to request any song you like for the house band to play! As The Piano Works suggests, the gaff is ‘part party, part bar, part restaurant, part club, part concert.’

London Quirkest Eateries Piano Works 1

Garlic & Shots

Food: Garlic
Location: Soho

We all love garlic, right? Good. Then you’ll love Garlic & Shots, a restaurant whose MO is to leave you feeling ‘garlic marinated‘. The menu features garlic in all forms and as the website says, you can ask for more garlic but not less. Garlic & Shots also have 101 different flavours of vodka on site, just in case you can’t get the stench out. Though, 6 of those 101 do naturally contain garlic. Garlic.

London Quirkiest Eateries Garlic & Shots


Food: Exotic
Location: Fitzrovia

Golden Buddhas, dwarf palm trees and giant peacock feathers give Fitzrovia-based Archipelago’s interior the quirkiest of quirky feels, and the menu ‘staples’ of crocodile, kangaroo and wildebeest certainly do very little to ease the quirk. Just to emphasise the point, other dishes on the menu include python carpaccio and pan-fried crickets. In fairness, we’ve had croc and roo before, and they were both delicious!

London Quirkiest Eateries Archipelago

Dans le Noir?

Food: …In the Dark.
Location: Clerkenwell

The Dans le Noir? restaurant in Clerkenwell takes the world on fine dining into the dark ages. Literally. Served by blind waiters, each meal at Dans le Noir? is served and eaten in complete darkness, constructed to perk your sense of taste and smell. All the menus are a surprise with just the category decided (Blue = Fish, Green = Vegetarian, Red = Meat), with each set to encourage you to educate your palate.

London Quirkiest Eateries Dans le Noir?

Cereal Killer Cafe

Food: Cereal
Location: Brick Lane/Chalk Farm

Last but not least, we couldn’t have the joint which made the Keery twins the ‘most hated men in London.’ Their Cereal Killer Cafe is a colourful and nostalgic eatery with more than 120 cereals on offer, plus a selection of milk and toppings. The poster boys for the gentrification of our great nation’s capital sell their bowls for £3.10 for a Small, £3.80 for a Medium, and £4.50 for a Large. Their Shoreditch ‘restaurant’ even offers bowls in bed. But of course.

London Quirkiest Eateries Cereal Killer Cafe



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