Having confirmed the series last November, Amazon have confirmed that it will produce five seasons of its upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show. Though no plot details have been announced, it is being reported that it’ll have a hefty budget, with rumours suggesting Amazon will have a whopping $1 billion to make it happen.

Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV Show Has Been Confirmed for 5 Seasons

Yes, hobbits and orcs will be making their way to the small screen with Amazon set to broadcast five seasons of a Lord of the Rings TV show. Though nothing has been remotely confirmed, it’s thought the upcoming show will chronicle the events before the original Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But while the films focused on the war to destroy the One Ring, it’s thought this plot line won’t be explored in the TV show. There are, however, rumblings that it will instead centre around a young Aragon (played by Viggo Mortensen in the films). Regardless of the focus, if you have some knowledge of Middle Earth, you’ll know just how much material there is to work with.


Amazon won a $250m rights deal when they beat Netflix to the deal with the Tolkien estate, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema. The only conditions were that five seasons are created and the contract also demands that the show must go into production within two years.

If the muted $1 billion budget is correct, that will mean the Lord of The Rings TV show will be by far the most expensive series in history, with Netflix’s $100 million budget for The Crown currently holding the title. Watch this space..!


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