Star Wars, listen up. This is not a drill. Yeah, those replica glass Lightsabers are incredibly cool. But you know what’s cooler? The real thing. And now you have the chance to get hold of one of Luke Skywalker’s actual Lightsabers from Return of the Jedi as it’s going up for auction with Bonhams.

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber from Return of the Jedi Is Up For Auction

Yes, one of the three Lightsabers built for the Sarlacc Pit sequence in Return of the Jedi is up for sale. The battle above the pit of Sarlacc is one of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes and one of Mark Hamill’s Lightsabers used in filming could be yours if you’ve got between £110,000 – 190,000!

The original Lightsaber appears when Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca face execution. Just as the heroes seem doomed, R2D2 fires the Lightsaber skyward and the Rebels’ begin their escape. Several Lightsabers were used in the scene and this particular one is shown in close-up insert shots of R2D2.


The Lightsaber is made from metal, brass and rubber, and while it’s not the one that got fired up in the air, it’s still incredibly awesome. It even has a chipped edge along the top rim that’s also visible in the film, giving it an extra bit of authenticity.

Luke Skywalker’s Lighsaber from Return of the Jedi is set to go up for auction on 21st November in New York at TCM’s ‘Out of the World’ auction, where it’s expected to reach up between £110,000 – 190,000. We best get saving! Head over to the Bonhams Website for more details.




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