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Macbeth Film Trailer

Imagine a cross between Game of Thrones and Braveheart and we think you’re probably picturing Justin Kurzel’s new adaptation of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth. At least that’s what we got from the first trailer!

This is by no means a bad thing, either! With Michael Fassbender as Macbeth and the always brilliant and striking Marion Cotillard as his sinister and manipulative wife, Lady Macbeth, we’re fully expecting something memorable at the very least.

If you didn’t pay attention in GCSE English – shame on you! But we’re helpful here at Average Joes so here’s a quick plot synopsis: Macbeth is an army general for King Duncan (played by Harry Potter star David Thewlis). After a fierce battle with another Scottish clan, he has an encounter with three witches that send him a completely doolally.

With the original femme-fatale Lady Macbeth at his side, Macbeth’s raw and ruthless ambition leads him to bloodshed, hallucinations and a whole lot of soul-searching.

From the trailer alone, we’re very intrigued. It’s unmistakably tapping into the Game of Thrones market but relative newbie Kurzel seems to have really captured the bleakness and brutality of Macbeth and Fassbender’s notoriously creepy smirk is in fine form.

Macbeth has had plenty of big-screen treatment in the past with offerings from Orson Welles and Roman Polanski among others. While the performances are naturally impeccable in these versions, we think Macbeth has always been in need of some graphic treatment – something it appears this adaptation is in tune with!

Co-starring Paddy Considine, Sean Harris and Jack Reynor, Macbeth will reach UK cinemas in early October. The 2nd to be exact. Check out the trailer below!




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