Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Magners with Irish Whiskey

Magners adds a little dram to its iconic Irish cider in the new Magners with Irish Whiskey. We’ve had a sample and we promise you it’s delicious!

The innovative new spirit cider, perfectly called a ‘spider’, combines premium apple cider with just a hint of smooth Irish whiskey. Best enjoyed in a whiskey tumbler and served over ice, Magners with Irish Whiskey still has the refreshment of cider but with a warm whiskey edge.

First established in Clonmel, Ireland in 1935, Magners is celebrating its 80th anniversary with the launch of Magners with Irish Whiskey – giving the iconic apple cider a twist for 2015.

Karen Crowley, Brands Marketing Manager at Magners said: “Magners has been at the forefront of cider innovations since it revolutionised the cider industry in the nineties with the over-ice serve. Today we are introducing another great, innovative drink. The market for combined flavours in cider is continuing to grow. We believe that adding genuine Irish whiskey as an ingredient will not only satisfy this trend but our new product will offer a unique taste, both for whiskey lovers and cider fans looking for something original.”

Magners with Irish Whiskey (ABV 5.5%) contains 25ml of real Irish whiskey in each 500ml bottle. We think it’s excellent so get down and grab yourself a bottle.



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