The latest Man of Steel trailer has been released, and check it out below.

Man of Steel Trailer

Man of Steel has been in the works for a while and, prior to its first teaser trailer, had set images leaked which raised a few eyebrows. The Man of Steel looks to reinvigorate the DC movie franchise, after the end of Nolan’s batman trilogy there is a significant void to fill – perhaps this is why Nolan’s name is tagged on to the film as a Producer. It looks like its headed down a grittier, darker more violent path, and this is telling by the attached personnel.

The director is the one and only Zack Snyder, who is most well known for his comic book adoptions of 300 and Watchmen. Both are great films in their own right, and their transference from graphic novel to the screen was done excellently. In fact, in my personal opinion, there is no title sequence that compares to the elegance, beauty and overwhelming emotion of the Watchmen’s. So long as he can keep true to his past, he will most certainly tell the story ofClark Kent, Superman, in a way better suited to the current demands of the modern day audience.

Eyebrows were raised when the aforementioned leaked photos showed a grizzly, bristled Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill aboard a ship, lifting heavy metal objects dressed unassumingly as a sailor without even a hint of the reserved, geekish Kent people are accustomed to. The villain of the piece is played by Michael Shannon, attempting to lift the mantle of the evil General Zod from Terrance Stamp who played the role in 1980.Lois Laneis played by the sickly-sweet Amy Adams, who at first may look like she has a job on her hands putting across the gutsy attitude of the investigative journalist. The rest of the cast is outstanding, including Kevin Costner,Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburn and Russell Crowe.

Like you, I am praying to any and all deities that this film isn’t terrible and manages to finally flush that foul smelling turd of a movie that was Superman Returns firmly from the bowl of Superman movie history. I also hope we get to hear the immortal line again, “Come to me, son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!




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